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 To all people in recruitment right now

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To all people in recruitment right now Empty
PostSubject: To all people in recruitment right now   To all people in recruitment right now I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 02, 2013 3:22 pm

Greetings Recruits,

The Ides of March are still working on the recruitment policy. Our current system has a minimum recruitment period of 10 days before decisions are made. I know a lot of you are already over that period and didn't recieve any knews from us. But that is mainly because a lot of you aren't shogun2 players. This is not a problem though! Afterall we are a Rome2 clan. But it means that we didn't have had the chance to play with you enough to know you well. As a new clan we can't take risks on who we let in. I hope you guys understand that.

Now rome2 has almost started, we hopefully can play and discover the game together. So don't think we forgot about you. Some of your aplications are being discussed atm, but we still need some more time to get to know you. So keep posted, join the clan chat and join us in battle. And remember....

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To all people in recruitment right now
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