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 Ides of March: Core Covenant

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PostSubject: Ides of March: Core Covenant   Ides of March: Core Covenant I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2016 4:07 pm

- Honour: Fight brave, don't run away from battle. Even when fighting a honourles coward or the mightiest warrior you have ever known. Fight brave! Don't let yourself sink to a level that is beneath yours . Stand your ground and if necessary, fall, with yours and our clans name and honour intact.

- Respect: Respect your opponent, respect your teammate, respect your fellow clan members and respect your superiors! When you treat someone well they will do the same for you.

- A Brotherhood: Your fellow clan members aren't just gamers, they are family. We fight together, we win together and we fall together. As Ides of March we are a close group that supports each other.

- The art of Trolling: No conversation is fun without a bit of laughter. Trolling your opponents, clan mates or other people can be fun. But always make sure they see it the same way as you do, as a joke. When you over do it, a joke quickly changes into an insult.
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Ides of March: Core Covenant
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