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 Clan History: A tale about the Ides!

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Clan History: A tale about the Ides! Empty
PostSubject: Clan History: A tale about the Ides!   Clan History: A tale about the Ides! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 4:48 pm

Chapter I: A Home

As the sun set upon Shogun 2:TotalWar many of the great old clans of the Total War Community were quietly falling asleep, waiting for Rome II. Some of you may recognize these groups. Once mighty clans such as GERUDO, Aggony, CW, WoC, VM and others closed their eyes and it doesn't seem that they will open them very soon. Other great clans like RTK, TWR, IRONS, and V&H attempt to keep going. However, these clans were very exclusive and many shut their doors entirely. Then, many players were searching for a new home. A couple of new clans sprouted up to fill this space, VMS, AVA, FL were among them. But these new clans weren't very stable and lots of clan hopping people made it difficult to form a good core of players.

The Ides of March is one of those new found clans. But we are different. The founders of this clan are no lone rangers who were searching for a home.. No.. they are different. They were members of those mighty clans who fell asleep and decided they needed a new house with a strong foundation. They couldn't fine one to their liking. So they decided to build their own. Chrbes was the bright man who came up with the idea. Chrbes was actually fairly new to multiplayer. But very soon he made a name for himself. Joining the AVA clan and participating in some tournaments he played with and against the best of Total War and now he is a force to be reckoned with. Together, he brought with him his friend Benedictus of AVA, who was coming off as champion of the last tournament. He is also one of the better players in Total War. What makes these guys so feared is not their skill, but the rate in which they achieved their skills. In a matter of months going from 0 to the very top is something only the best can do.
Next, Chrbees came knocking on the door of Simon. Simon is a name feared by any who have played Shogun 2. He is a winner of numerous flash tournaments and has title places in a big list of larger tournaments. Simon was a member of the GERUDO clan, but GERUDO was fast asleep. Simon decided to join Chrbes in the foundation of this new clan, setting out to create something great. He called in his buddy Yarben, also a loyal and active member from Gerudo. These two were fighting in the last big team tournament of Shogun 2 at this time. Yarben also has a reputation of being a very dangerous player. As a team Simon and Yarben have been able to beat very strong teams and were able to make a name for themselves as one of the best 2v2 teams there is.
Together these four remarkable men started building on the Ides of March. Founded in July 2013 A.D., before the release of Rome II. While other clans were dying all around them, -IDE- rose up from the ground. Being build brick by brick. The house will stand tall and proud!!!

The Ides of March represents the day Caesar was assasinated upon the Senate steps. Caesar was once warned to beware of the Ides of March, and failed to heed that advice. We shall now show others that they must follow this forewarning...


Founding Members of Ides of March: Chrbees, Simon, Benedictus, Yarben

Chapter II : A new Era

Here we are, at the end of the Shogun2 era.. Ides of March exists only one month and has already proven itself a strong force. Simon and Yarben reached the finals of the Apocalypse cup where they kicked out the Majutsu and PrussianPrince, the strongest players of the moment, in the quarterfinals. Chrbess and Simon won the TotalWar Grand Tournament, another 2v2 for clans only. Next to these big victories The Ides were fighting in a lot of other flash tournaments where not only the champions but also the newer members did good jobs. Thanks to all the success on the war fields a lot of new recruits joined the Ides. At some point there was such a recruit flow that the admins were not able to keep track of everyone. Everything went good at this point. The clan was formed, we had reliable players and a strong recruit flow and when someone heard Ides of March they shivered in fear. Then something happened, Rome II was launched…

Ides started good in Rome II. In the first official tournament Simon and Jellyfish got into the Semifinals. After that Simon was on a winning streak in tournaments and is now known as the best player! The newer members started to play as well. But after a few days people started discovering that CA did a terrible job making this game. It was hardly possible to make decent tournaments because of all the bugs. Not only the battles but also the lobbies were bugged making it extremely irritating to play online. When we add this to a very busy social life of the leaders and the core players you get a little bit inactivity. But Ides, as mentioned before, was different from the other new founded clans. The foundations of the clan were made strong. Although unable to play, the admins stayed online and tried everything to boost activity. Next to that we had Simon dominating the tournament scene and we had a recruit that has proven himself a worthy Ide. When almost everybody was inactive, Stilzkin kept playing and asking around for team games. Although weakened, the Ides were still there and strong.  There was also another clan doing very well. Unexpected GERUDO awakened. Their players are amongst the best and their admins are hosting tournaments nonstop, which makes them the strongest clan at the moment. The leaders of GERUDO knew that the success of Ides came from two ex gerudos. And after they saw the result of their work they came asking for a favor. Let Ides merge into Gerudo, making the most powerful clan ever. As we speak, things are put in motion. How will this end? Nobody knows.

But one thing is sure.
People are now warned,
people now beware,

Heroes of the New Era: Stilzkin and Simon.

Chapter III: While others fall

The negotiations about the Gerudo/Ides of March clan merge came to an end. Ides of March, out of nowhere, had a little activity boost. Chrbess finally after a long time of absence showed a sign of life. Hit-Girl was chosen to be the new High Council member and also brought a tournament victory in RomeII home to IDE. Yarben got the the finals of a shogun2 flash tournament, Stilzkin did well in the Hit-Tournament and many other things boosted the clans morale. IDE stood up from its small set back and rised again! With the strength of the clan recovered there was no real need any more for a clan merge. Also the members of IDE didn't want to lose their independence by joining Gerudo. But still the fact that a merge would make the strongest clan ever could not be neglected. So the leaders of both clans decided to form an alliance. Ides of March and Gerudo would no longer be opponents, they would work together in tournaments and other inter clan activities. This went very well. IDE and Gerudo teams did well in tournaments. One team winning the upper bracket of the CWC 3v3. The contact between the clans raised the activity in both of them.

However this good times wouldn't stay long for some. Ides of March redirected its focus to Shogun2. Mostly because they already had strong players in RomeII and also to bring back older members who didn't like RomeII. Next to getting the second place in a flash tournament, Yarben tried to awaken the Shogun2 community again. In cooperation with Gwyn from Gerudo he hosted a 2v2 competition that only clans could enter in, bringing back some of the great 2v2 teams of the past summer. By starting this tournament Ides of March made name again for itself and not just a little bit. Although not really doing well in the tournament, IDE was still actively participating and had still two very strong players in the run. Yarben was trying his very best to keep the tournament going. Sadly enough other clans couldn't keep the activity up. The clans who were participating slowly fell asleep again and some even died. Ides of March, on the other hand, was by many recognized as the most active TotalWar clan of the day. There was a great recruit flow of new and loyal members. Only challenged by VMS in strength, Ides of March yet again took its place amongst the greatest. This all happened while the other clans were dying.

Meanwhile in RomeII things weren't looking good. The last patch was total bullshit. Gerudo, although having its great success saw no more future in RomeII. The clan removed its focus away from TW. Luckily this time they didn't fell asleep but just moved on to other games.

Now the tournament has ended. The result? Ides of March gained enormous strength. The recruits are now full members and some of the other members have proven their loyalty to the clan. This all resulting in whispers that IDE might be stronger then the fearsome VMS. The other clans you ask? Most of them fell and probably won't ever stand up again.

But now a new RomeII patch has been launched and it looks promising. And can IDE handle the strengh gained in the last months? Only time can tell...

But it seems, history has repeated itself...
The prophecy of the Ides came true...


Ides that stood up: Stilzking, Yarben, Hit-Girl

Chapter IV: Legendary

It seems Ides of March has accomplished the challenge of consolidating its power in Total War. After a few months the clan has grown to its full strength with a good foothold in both Shogun2 and Rome II. Which is something not a lot of clans have been able to accomplish.

After the DoS 2v2 league that IDE hosted had stopped a few other big tournaments began. Ides of March had participants and decent results in all of them. The biggest result was Stilzkin stampeding to the  third place in the VMS 1v1 Championship. Proving IDE was still a powerhouse in shogun2. In RomeII Barak and Jonasnee defended our honour in multiple tournaments.

As a result of the big presence of Ides of March in the matchmade and quickbattle scene and the tournament participations, the name of the clan was spread wide. Chrbess, the main founder of IDE, came back from a long period of absence and his presence was yet another big morale boost for the clan. Aloknee took over the HC position of Hit-Girl and brought a new vision to the leadership of the clan. Yarben hosted a big interclan tournament to finally see which of all the IDE Shogun2 players was really the best.

All of this attracted a lot of recruits. Ides of March carefully selected the recruits and gained some very good and promising new members. After a while the clan had grown to full capacity. The High Council slowly closed the doors of the clan. Because they know if a clan becomes to big, it will succumb under its own succes.

After the Interclan tournament was finished IDE was at its full strength. Both a Champion team and a Gladiator team were ready to fight in Shogun2. In RomeII we had two of our bravest warriors holding the banner of the clan high. Even when, due to yet again personal reasons, the High Council showed signes of inactivity the clan didn't fall. The second generation of Ides has shown its worth and held the clan upon their own shoulders! The ones new members have now become heroes amongst their own friends and are ready to teach our tradition to the next generation. Ides of March is ready to take its place amongst the Legends of TotalWar.

This summer we celebrate! Ides of March has survived everything that could possibly bring a clan down for already one year! This is a dream that came true. The dream of the founding members of the clan. All thanks to the dedication of both themselves and the clanmembers. Happy Birthday IDE!!

Ides of March has shown again that it is not only good players that make good clans. But it is a good core governance and an active group of loyal and dedicated members that are bonded by a shared passion for TotalWar. Ides of March is not the small house with the strong foundation anymore. The leaders and members kept building and the result is there. A big Villa that stand proud and tall amongst the other great houses. A monument that represents a message and an idea. The words that this great family lives by:


Born Legends: Barak, Jonasnee, AnLeiTung and Proace
and Mythical Champions: Stilzkin, Yarben, Aloknee and Chrbees

Chapter V: A golden era

After the birthday of IDE the clan was rising above itself. In the far eastern lands the Ukraine Warlords came together to start hosting a series of tournaments. The first one of these series was a big 1v1 tournament with 64 participants, called the First International Tournament (ITS1). This tournament had something special about it. First of all it was the first big 1v1 tournament since the VMS1v1. Second, there were only 2 VMS players who entered (both either left or lost in the first round), so there was no domination of Shogun2s strongest clan and last but not least, the only two clans who were really present were The Illuminated Ones and Ides of March. For both of the clans this was the ideal moment to see who of them was the strongest.

Ides of March fielded a very strong team of players. Tajens, Aloknee, Proace, Yarben, Avitus and even Chrbess signed in for the tournament. Sadly enough the two strongest players of the moment were on holiday during the sign ups, Stilzkin and Anleitung were not on the list of participants. But after the two first rounds it seemed that this wasn’t even a problem. Two of the participants showed remarkable skill during the tournament! Tajens and Avitus were the first two to reach the semi-finals of the tournament. Suddenly IDE had two new champions in their ranks.

After the two first rounds it was clear, the Ides of March were dominating this tournaments. From the six Ides who joined, five made it to round three. While only a few of ONE made it this far. The only casualty on IDE side was made by Hero of Belgium. Who later joined the IDE ranks. This event results in the fact that IDE has already one player in the final, although the rounds aren’t even played yet.

In other words, Ides of March was rising above itself, leading again to the following question: Which is the best clan? The fearsome Vandalen Mit Sandalen or the upcoming legends Ides of March. To be able to answer this question the leaders of both clans came together to organise “The IDE and VMS Clan War”. This tournament  will finally decide who is Shogun2s best clan of the day!

But as we know, not everything can go as planned. After a great period a few of most trusted Ides went inactive. One of them is Yarben, which due to personal reasons had to give up his leadership position. Searching for someone to replace him was not so difficult this time. The clan choose anonymously for the one man who stood out and was ready to take up responsibility, AnLeiTung! Who as a recruit and regular member has shown a great personal bond with the clan. Though still new to this leadership position, AnLeiTung is determined to lead the clan to even higher peaks!

For once again The Ides of March have proven they can come through difficult times. A golden age has passed and now a new era is about to start. The oldest of the clan have passed their knowledge onto the next generation, whom will now learn the even newer members what it is to be an IDE. They’ll have to learn these words by heart,

While others fall,
We shall rise up and show people,
Beware The Ides of March!!!!

Heroes of the golden era: Tajens, Aloknee, Avitus and AnLeiTung

Chapter VI: Endurance

After the ITS tournament a lot has happend. First of all Ides of March got its first great tournament victory, thanks to Hero of Belgium. He has fought bravely and has proven himself a worthy Ide. The great IDE victory in the ITS tournament has had some consequences. The Illuminated Ones got an enormous blow, so hard that the clan was starting to fall apart and was almost irrelevant to the community and the tournament scene. Thus, two great clans remained. VMS and IDE tried to settle the score ones and for all! The clan war raged on. But not even the most active clans could keep up the activity needed for such battle. The score ended in 7-6 for IDE after the 1 on 1 round. After that the clan war stopped due to inactivity in both clans. Ides of March and The Vandallen Mit Sandalen tried to set aside their differences and they concluded that they weren’t fighting against each other, but with each other. Because by the continues practice, they were keeping both clans alive!

Then Atilla was announced! People where massively leaving Shogun2 Behind. The game where it all started is coming to its end! Ides of March made preparations to keep the clan together. Never had any clan seen such hard periods to come through. But because of the strong foundation and the passion we all share not only for TotalWar but for the clan we stood by eachother!

During these hard times there was one particular Ide that showed great strength and willpower! When he came into the clan he already had great ambition. Now he saw his chance to show everybody his greatness and he took it. Proace profiled himself as a true leader. Making the clan its very own teamspeak server and organising teamgames, making plans for flash tournaments, promoting the clan on youtube and making sure Ides of March will keep on growing!

With Atilla approaching, the preparations were put into action. The constitution that the founders had made, made it easier for the now ruling people to lead the clan through these times. The clan activity roster was updated. Yarben rejoined the High Council and Proace was also rewarded with a spot in the HC to keep on his good work. Chrbess started to let his voice as the Father of the Ides be heard and now the clan is ready to jump in Atilla! With a lot of members ready to start fighting for the clans honour and with Ides of March being the first clan to branch out to social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Now Ides of March is hoping to show all the TotalWar fans how much fun it is to be in a clan and how much everybody can benefit from it. Every member that has joined can tell you, that upon joining IDE, he did not only find people to play with. He found friends, a family. One that supports each other.  A clan that stand out amongst the others!

Now the doors to Atilla are opened and Ides of March is ready to let everybody know,

When others fall,
We shall rise up and show people,
Ides that endured: Proace, Hero of Belgium, Anleitung

Chapter VII: Entering the Arena

It has been more than half a year since Attila came out. For Ides of March this would prove to be one of the hardest times to get through as a clan yet. For Attila was for many not even worth trying. The game was to similar to Rome II. But even hard times can turn out good. Very good even for IDE.

Although activity was low, some players kept playing. In Shogun 2 it was the Illuminated Ones that kept hosting tournaments. And it was Stilzking who won the first one! Proving IDE will always be a great clan in Shogun2. The second one is still ongoing, with now AnLeiTung currently in the semi-finals. Meanwhile TotalWar: Arena was released in closed-Alfa. Arena will be a standalone multiplayer game, where team play is the key component. Well that is something for the Ides, who are renowned for their skill in team battles. Now we are already a few  months after the closed-Alfa was released and as expected, IDE is dominating the higher tiers of the game and the lower tiers are experiencing a heavy loss rate when encountering IDE squads. This started to attract new recruits again. The ranks of IDE are yet again filling with new dedicated players. Although the game is still not officialy released, IDE wants to invest hard in it. Recruiting actively is one of the main activities. The other one is working on special Arena tactics and play styles.

One other big thing that shouldn’t be forgot is that Ides of March exists for already 2 years. The evolution IDE made over those 2 years is remarkable! We started as underdog in tournaments. We kept going and grew to be a part of the clan community in Total War. Now we are known as one of the best clans in TotalWar. Although it sounds very cliché, it has  to be said that this all was achieved by friendship. The friendships that were created by playing together and a common passion for TotalWar. That is what kept IDE going throughout the last two years! We are still no elite clan and welcome every player, both new to TW or veterans of the franchise. Because tournament victories don’t mean a thing if you haven’t had fun achieving them.

So with Arena going to closed-Beta and TW:Warhammer coming very close, we see a bright future for the clan. For 2 years we have been shouting these words:

When others fall,
We shall rise up and show people,
Champion Warriors: Stilzkin and AnLeiTung

Chapter VIII: Champions

After the start of the Closed-Beta of Total War Arena, Ides of March started to slowly grow to the top of its power. The strength that was shown by the veteran IDE parties in the game itself attracted loads of attention. The skills achieved in previous TotalWar titles was used to rapidly raise the skill in Arena. Put that together with a very active leadership under AnLeiTung and Proace. You then get an inflow of very skilled recruits. IDE doubled its strength in the game by attracting some of the most skilled players of the community. These new recruits together with the already known members of IDE went on a killing spree in the Arena.

Next to that, Proace and AnLeiTung made sure that we would never forget where it all started. By regularly playing Shogun2 they kept contact with those people who don’t find Arena worth trying in the closed Beta. This made sure that the core players that IDE possess never fell apart. Those players would eventually once or twice join in Arena again, like the new players would often return to Shogun2 to bond with the older members. For those who were tired of TotalWar there was Dota2. Lots of Ides who dislike Arena are playing Dota2, but they are still doing so as a clan. So although the ingame activity was splitted, the clan stayed one and the feeling that we all belonged to the same group was made even stronger by this. Because although we defer in lots of ways, we always end up together in teamspeak having a laugh.

Back in Arena, the skill and strength of the Ides kept on growing. Now that even some of the Dota and Shogun2 players join in the parties on a regular basis, it is not difficult for the Ides to form multiple parties. Our activity attracts also other clans. As lots of people from other clans like to join the Ides in Battle! Our contacts with the community were better than ever before. Hell, Sith, TWR and VMS regularly team up with IDE. To show that nobody messes with the old legends of TotalWar!

Now for the second time in the clans existence, we are running on full capacity. A fully updated clan roster. Recruits that have to be refused every day. A full active leadership now that Jonasnee has taken a seat in the High Council. The house of the Ides stands stronger than ever. The doors are closed and barricaded. We are ready for whatever the developers of the game will throw at us. From Shogun 2 to Arena, every clan shall know, on every forum it shall be written…

While others fall,
We shall rise up and show people,
Champions of the Arena: AnLeiTung, Barak, BaasFaalHaas, 0only
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Clan History: A tale about the Ides!
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