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 Getting to know the Ides of March

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PostSubject: Getting to know the Ides of March   Getting to know the Ides of March I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 18, 2013 2:18 am

Ides of March

---- Founded July 2013 A.D. ----

-- A close group of friends banded together and formed the Ides of March to bring a fresh face to Total War. A respected, mature, and skilled clan was brought into existence
-- Our original founders bring vast experience and knowledge of Total War games & more into the clan to share with other members and grow with each other


-- Respect towards other members in the community is a major priority, all clan members show good sportsmanship in lobbies and to other players
-- Friendship and loyalty are key components of our group, all members converse and play together regularly
-- Unsportsmanlike conduct and poor attitudes are not tolerated in the clan.


-- We represent a multiplayer presence in Total War Games, ranging from Rome 2 to Shogun 2
-- Members come from all parts of the world, the Ides are a global people
-- There is no bias towards any geographic, political, racial, religious background. All are equal and we represent all


-- Our members have displayed skill in numerous tournaments held by the community for Shogun 2, placing highly and boasting a win
-- Shogun 2 puts the Ides near the top of the leaderboard to this day in multiplayer
-- More recently, Ides members have had strong showings in Rome 2 tournaments
-- Ides of March boasts well respected members such as Simon, a force to be reckoned with in Rome 2. Simon has multiple wins under his belt and is a consistent top finisher
-- Each and every individual member is valued and apart of our organization
-- Lasting friendships and relationships are born each day in the Ides of March between members.

*If you you want to become apart of the movement known as the Ides of March, please open an application thread under the Clan Applications topic to be considered. However, please note that recruitment at this point is closed, though we will take a look at applications on a case by case basis. The best way to gain recognition is to have a thorough application.

*The world must hear, "Beware the Ides of March"

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know the Ides of March   Getting to know the Ides of March I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2016 7:25 pm


Ides of March is a close and experienced group of friends who bring forth some of the best Total War players out there!

We can offer you a competitive setting in Total War Arena. Where the level of gameplay and our name and honour is held high!. Our parties have a very high winning percentage against all others clans and if you play with us you don`t have to be scared of any opponent in the opposite team. (Except another IDE party Wink). All of us have high tier units and high tier commanders, that let us, combined with the top notch skill of our players, win most engagements and even defeat the strongest enemies.

For those of you who are less experienced and are willing to improve we offer training and education in the way of war and the way of the Ides!

What do we expect of you?:
1. Basic understanding of the game mechanics and average level of skill and teamplay.
2. We require you to be as active and keep as much contact with the clan as possible.
3. Join on the Teamspeak to communicate with us and to check if you enjoy the atmosphere.
4. Competitive thinking, we are no casual clan, we try to win every battle
5. Respect towards our clan members and other players.
6. Basic English, it doesn`t have to be perfect in the beginning; if you join us, it will improve

We just want you to be a nice guy who likes some competitive gaming.

Why you should join us
- We are a clan, but most of all a group of friends. All the members know each other and new bonds develop easily. Every member has his own voice and your ideas may help to shape the future of our clan.
- With all of our members active, we barely can fill a full 10 men team; so you`ll get an almost sure spot in our team, if this game ever becomes competitive.
- We think, that we are the best total war arena clan at the moment, so if you want to stick with the winners, you should come to us Smile
- Last but not least we believe, that we are a bunch of fun guys, with whom you`re going to have a lot of fun playing arena and also other total war titles
We also play other games beside total war arena. Some of our members play counterstrike and dota 2 on a very decent level, we also have war thunder and EU4 players in our ranks, as well as some hearthstone players.

If you decide to sign up for -IDE- you can sign up on our forum

The High Council of Ides of March
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Getting to know the Ides of March
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